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The world's first "child from three parents" was born in Ukraine

НадияIn Ukraine at the beginning of January 2017 the world's first baby was born after pronuclear transfer - the innovative reproductive method, which is also called three parents’ child. This was stated by the director of the clinic "Nadiya" Valery Zukin, reported with reference to UNIAN.

"With the help of pronuclear transfer 34-year-old woman with infertility for 15 years could not give birth to a healthy her genetically “native” baby. For many years she tried to get pregnant via IVF in Ukrainian and Israeli hospitals. Baby was born in the beginning of January" - Zukin said.

According to him, this egg was deprived of the nucleus. The patient was carried out the transfer of her nuclei and husband nuclei in the donor egg.

"As a result “reconstructed” egg had the genetic set of nuclear DNA from the mother and father (approximately 25,000 genes) and cytoplasmic DNA from a donor (37 genes). The child is, in fact, of "three parents". DNA presence of three people have been confirmed by examining the baby during pregnancy in the laboratories of Ukraine and Germany. The baby was registered for the first time in the world after this type of treatment" - emphasized Zukin. He added that the United Kingdom - the only country in the world where legally allowed to carry out such actions and in Ukraine these questions are not yet resolved.


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