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БезымянныйThis research include brand awareness of private medical institutions and laboratories, influence of important factors on the choice of medical institutions, population's willingness to recommend medical centers and to pay for their services.

Leleka glavnayaThe maternity hospital "Leleka" opened in Pushcha-Vodytsia. Investments in construction of the fourth private maternity hospital in Ukraine amounted to $ 17 million, of which $ 5 million were spent on the purchase of equipment.

НадияIn Ukraine at the beginning of January 2017 the world's first baby was born after pronuclear transfer - the innovative reproductive method, which is also called three parents’ child. This was stated by the director of the clinic "Nadiya" Valery Zukin, reported with reference to UNIAN.

Health24 1The company "MedExpert" is pleased to announce a new unique project on the Ukrainian market of information technologies in the field of Health Care - "Health 24". This project is the online medical information system, which includes an electronic health card for both doctors and their patients. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 11:07

Opening of New Maternity Hospital in Kyiv

Leleka newsIn November 2016, Maternity Hospital LELEKA, the most modern, innovative and safe maternity hospital in Ukraine, will open its doors.

Головний баннер 5 обрізанаWe present for your attention the experience of Ukrainian and foreign top managers in the sphere of the opening and expansion of health facilities and laboratories in Ukraine and Europe.

акушерComplex analysis of obstetric services market of the capital, made by analysts of MedExpert Company, includes the market review in general, information about the overall development of the market of medical services in the city, characteristic of suggestions (a description of the key players, capacity evaluation, pricing). In addition, the report is provided the results of the opinion poll of women in Kyiv, which was conducted in July 2016, for determination characteristics of demand and the needs of potential patients.  

Опрос женщин1The study was conducted by using the method of the opinion poll, and the results include certain features of the purchases of goods related to pregnancy and children up to 3 years, an analysis of the experience of women use online stores that specialize in these product groups, as well as evaluating the experience of collecting the required goods for maternity hospital and for the child. 

Dobrobut novostNew private hospital of "Dobrobut" network will specialize in the diagnosis and surgery.

ef34b851de7c3285ff2e1a6404a3f8dbHeart Institute surgeons have made a revolutionary step for the domestic medicine - the first mechanical heart transplantation in Ukraine. The operation lasted about three hours, and Ukrainian surgeons have helped physicians from Germany.  

464Analysts of MedExpert Company have finished market research of private medical service of the Kharkiv, which consists of the desk review and public opinion poll. These two methods estimate the branch of medicine from different angles. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016 12:17

MBF degree with Honors

Dear colleagues!

We would like to share great news for MedExpert Company with you.

Исследование рынка частных медицинских услуг г.КиевAnalysts of MedExpert Company have finished market research of private medical services of the Kyiv. 

очередьThe online system of appointment for receiving medical services will be created in Kyiv

 20152015 was the tenth year of MedExpert;s existence. We were very active in this year and we hope that made some role in the development of health care in Ukraine.

Main results of the MedExpert company in the year 2015:

операция  On December3rd, 2015, for the first time in Ukraine the unique operations for correction an aneurysm of the ascending aorta for two Ukrainian patients were conducted in Heart Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine) with the participation of Alan Stewart who is the leading heart surgeon in Mount Sinai Clinic (NY, USA).

IMG 4108«Health Care Organization: from Idea to Launch»: the results of the international conference about the process of health facility creating

280915World Bank allocates $ 40 million for the opening of 64 new outpatient clinics, most of them in Kryvyi Rih.

Одеса англ. 2015Consultants of MedExpert Company completed market research of health care services in Odesa

анг Лаб 2015Consultants of MedExpert Company completed market research of laboratory services in Ukraine

англ. отчет по ЛьвовуComplex market research of medical services in Lviv is based on the results of the desk review of the market, the public opinion poll and the interactive map of health facilities in Lviv.

анг. генетичне дослідженняConsultants of MedExpert Company completed market researchof public interest in complex genetics research in Kiev

Уволнение КвиташвилиMinister of Health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili wrote resignation letter. This is the responding to the loss of support of "Petro Poroshenko's Block" and also he hopes to push the adoption of laws on health reform.

томоThe Ukrainian Centre of Tomotherapy will open on the 17th of June 2015.

image 1Vadym Zukin, vice director of MedExpert company presented the speech “Health care organizations business plans preparation” on the conference “Private health care: reality of practice” in Kyiv.

доклад Ани ЕнинойThe IV Ukrainian Forum of operators of medical devices market was held on 26th of March 2015.

10344810 840394069355713 3894156957140534360 nThe 4th Annual conference “Health facility: organization and management” was held on 26-27th of March 2015. This event was organized by MedExpert Company and Law bureau of Olena Babych for managers and health care specialists.

ПРЕВЕНТКЛИНИКА    The specialists of "MedExpert"Company  completed the implementation of MIS "Doctor Eleks" in "PREVENT CLINIC."

больнициMinistry of health care of Ukraine will start a new form of reporting of hospitals.
 New form will provide more information about medical services.

Квіташвілі березеньOlexander Kvitashvili told about legislative initiatives that would accelerate the process of reform.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 14:21

Cloud technology from Doctor Eleks

Cloud DE31We offer our clients a chance to explore new possibilities for their business with cloud technologies from Microsoft Azure.

Friday, 27 February 2015 10:48

Market research of X-ray machines in Ukraine

РентгениConsultants of MedExpert Company completed market research of x-ray machines in Ukraine.

БПMedExpert Company consultants developed Business plan for IVF clinic with outsourcing of laboratory services in Ukraine.

Vsemirnyj bank mozhet podderzhat bBoard of Directors of the World Bank approves the decision to provide a loanto Ukraine (214, 73 million) in March. The loan designed for project “Serving People, Improving Health”.

33Director of MedExpert Company Olena Lepeshyna was a speaker at Conference “Profitability management of private hospitals”. Conference was held in Kiev (February 26, 2015).

120466"LISOD" Clinic, which specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, initiated the creation Cancer Society in Ukraine, modeled on the world famous Israeli Cancer Society.

$ 215Money will be provided by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
The press service of the Ministry of Health informed that $ 215 million will be provided for the reform of medicine in Ukraine.

ISOMedExpert Company specialists took part at scientific and practical conference “Implementation and certification of quality management system accord to ISO 9001 in the health care institutions - improving the efficiency of management in the modernization of health care”. Conference was held in December 2014.

Leader According to the National Business Rating, MedExpert Company ranked 22 and 23 places by indicators of financial and economic activities of companies.

ebrdMedExpert Company passed the stage of pre-qualification by EBRD Small Business Support program with success. According to this program, EBRD provide grants to small and medium businesses.

Calendar with push pinsIn spite of social and economic situation in Ukraine, we continue to grow.
2014 has been a very active year for MedExpert Company. The list of main events and results presented:

MedconferenceIV Annual Conference “Medical Institution: Organization and Management” will be held on March 26-27, 2015.
The main goal of the conference is to discuss current issues that arise in the management of medical institution. The conference is the platform for meeting managers of medical institutions of Ukraine to exchange experience and practical skills.

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