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Health Care Consulting

MedExpert Company offers several types of consulting services for centers (facilities) and companies of medical profile. The main types that we use are complex market researches and business plans.
Complex market research can be consisted of mixed methods:

1)  Desk research, which determining the structure of markets, characteristics of the key competitors, indicators of import and export of medical products and equipment, information about state tenders, evaluation of potential demand.


Fragment of desk research: «MRI systems that established in Ukrainian medical facilities»



2)  Sociological survey (poll) helps to identify consumers’ views on health care and medical equipment, evaluate attitude to brands of health facilities and uncovered or partially uncovered demand for services for medical purposes, determine the potential solvency and the optimal ways to promote the product, analyze the target audience.


Fragment of the sociological survey «Interest in using at home the portable equipment AAA»



3)  Interviews with industry experts are used for analysis of the distribution of private clinics by services, determining the profitability and prospects of different activities, evaluation of advertising methods.


Fragment of analysis of expert’s interviews: «Perspective direction of medical market’s development in Ukraine»



4)  “Mystery patient” and observation of process in health facilities help to identify the best and the worst sides in activities of staff, doctors and management in general.


Measuring of the level of patient satisfaction is an important point for the health facilities, because detection of weaknesses in company protects the clinic from losses in the future.

MedExpert Company offers to choose research methods for measuring the patient satisfaction individually. Among the possible methods:


In-depth interviews with patients

Patient is the best source of information about the level of service. Our consultants have an experience in conducting in-depth interviews, during which researcher can get all necessary information from patient. Usually interviews require 1-2 weeks of careful preparation and about 1 hour for each interview.
According to the results of interviews with patients, managers of health facilities can obtain information that is impossible to obtain by any other methods.


Express poll of patients

In-depth interviews with patients allow generating some hypotheses about patients’ satisfaction. The verification of these hypotheses is possible with express poll of patients. These polls can be conducted by interviewers or through questionnaires for visitors, depending on the goals and objectives of poll.


Automated regular survey of patients

We offer the organization of poll (survey) in clinics using touch-terminals (monoblocks). This method of survey is often attracted patients because of its innovation and has positive effect on the image of the health facility. Clinics are able to monitor the results of the survey of patients regularly.


In-depth interviews of staff

The attitude of patients to the medical center is possible to determine with in-depth interviews with the staff of the clinic. The staff is much more open to dialogue with external consultants, than with management.


Business plan of the hospital

Business plan is a document, which shows in detail how the business entity can reach its goals. Depending on its needs, business plan of the hospital can include various parts in various order.

MedExpert company offers individual preparation of business plans for all kinds of the health care organizations in Ukraine.

Usually our clients prepare business plans for:

  1. Making the decision by the current owners about possible expansion or opening a new branch;
  2. Making the decision of investors or creditors about participation in a new project.

Structure of business plan varies, depending on individual characteristics of the health care organization. Main sections of the business plan prepared by MedExpert are showed below:

Market research

MedExpert company recommends to start business plans preparation from the deep market research. This section has to provide answers for such questions:

  • Characteristics of the key market players;
  • Competition among key players –hospitals or other health care organizations of private or state form of ownership;
  • Current support of the industry by the government and forecast;
  • Market potential.

Having a complete understanding about the market, the project of a new hospital or other health care organization in Ukraine can be created taken into account all needed considerations.

Project description

The section with a project description is becoming more relevant in case business plan is prepared for the review of investors or lenders. MedExpert company recommends to describe very carefully the planned project, because superficial description does not allow unfamiliar people to fully understand it.

Operational processes

Although operational processes for some market players are intuitively well understood, MedExpert company truly believes that operational processes have to be written in detail in the business plan, because:

  1. Characteristics of the buildings where the hospital is planned to be located can be restricted by some limiting factors. It is the best to use this information for more precise financial planning.
  2. Operational processes of the hospital depend on the planned capacity of the center and planned personnel. Planned capacity influences the income part, and planned personnel – the expenditure part.
  3. Considering that business plan can be demonstrated to the readers without medical education, thorough description of operational processes can simplify a lot their understanding of the complexity of health care project.


Example of operational processes visualization


бизнес план анг

Marketing plan

Marketing plan can be either a separate document or a part of the business plan, which is describing strategy and tactics of the medical services promotion. Depending on the health care organization specifics, section with marketing plan can be of different size. When preparing marketing plan MedExpert company pays the highest attention to the readiness of consumers to the services of the project and competition level.

Financial plan

Preparing business plan MedExpert company pays very high attention to the financial part of the project. The goal of the financial plan is to evaluate key financial indicators for the next 3-5 years, calculate payback period, break-even point, planned project profitability etc. Usually we prepare our plan for 3 scenarios: optimistic, realistic and pessimistic. Our specialists create individual model in Microsoft Excel for each project we work with. Although we know various specialized software for the financial modeling, we believe that only advanced usage of Microsoft Excel together with its extended opportunities (like @Risk, VBA, Power Pivot etc) gives us opportunity to provide the best results to our clients.

бизнес план анг 2


Health Care Financial Modeling details

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