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Monday, 06 June 2016 13:24

Healthcare and pharma industries overview 2015

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Healthcare and pharma industries overview 2015

6cf20b5 300 1Many employable people in Kyiv, when they’re faced with queues at public health facilities, give up and go to private clinics. Medical services are not free of charge there, but there are no queues, nurses smile, doctors are careful.

Despite the lack of complex reforms in the health care industry there were certain fragmentary achievements. Let’s look at some of them.

Choice of the best hospital information system is rather important stage in the life of any medical center. The majority of medical centers are choosing the system only once in their life, because it is too complicated to switch for another system.

wayThis article is about the most common ways of creating of a private medical center in Ukraine.

In Ukraine you may get medical services in state and private healthcare institutions. You should be ready to feel difference between these types of institutions. State health care system was “born” in Soviet Union, and it has not been changing for many years during independence of Ukraine. In contrast, private health care institutions have been evolving since Ukrainian independence. Most of clinics have client-oriented approach, modern equipment, IT hospital systems, and good management.

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